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INSEE is an accessible, decentralized and transparent platform, where nodes are not only users, but also co-creators and shareholders of visual contents. The contribution of nodes will be recorded and tokenized on blockchain, thereby, creating an ecosystem of engaging content co-creation and efficient equity settlement for each participant.

The status quo of the visual content
industry is exclusive,
inefficient and lacks transparency.

Digitized and
encrypted IP
Creative and financial
contribution to visual
content are securely
cost reduction
No middlemen mean less costs
and more transparency.
Users choose their ads and
are rewarded with tokens.


Our Strategy and Project Plan

INSEE Market Valuation

200 Million USD

Social Media Participants

31,000 +

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Our Team

Meet Our Core Members


Chan Hyung Park


Washington University Business Ph.D.


XiPan HuiMei

South Korea Partner

Extensive market operation experience in Korean entertainment


Liu Jianlin


Expert in consensus mechanism & distributed network architecture


Luo Taihui


Expert in server architectures development for Apps


Xu Zhenxing

Tech Director

Expert in distributed matrix decomposition & deep learning


Li Yechen


Expert in developing internet applications and DApps


Xu Jingzhong

Chief Developer

Initiator of ABMatrix Labs & core developer of MatrixStar blockchain


Tea Pan


Currently pursuing Columbia University's Accounting Ph.D.


Seok Joon Byun

Chief Analyst

Senior quantitative research analyst


Kevin Kim

Senior Operation Manager

Senior quantitative research analyst


Fan Huiqing

BD Manager

Owner of a popular short-video sharing platform

Our Advisors

The Support of Our Success

Michael Melvin
Finance Department at UC San Diego Director

Dr. Melvin is currently the director of the Master of Finance program at the University of California, San Diego. After receiving his Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles, he served as a professor at Arizona State University and resigned in 2005 to join Barclays as the Managing Director. From 1986 to 2012, he was the chief editor of “International Monetary and Financial Journal”.

Joseph Engelberg
Finance Department at UC San Diego Professor

Dr. Engelberg is a Professor of Finance at the University of California, San Diego. In 2009, he received a doctoral degree in finance from Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University.

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Insee Network is a decentralized global visual content collaborative network, powered by Artificial Intelligence.
We were incredibly frustrated by the status quo of the visual content industry and advertisement industry: exclusiveness, lack of transparency, fake data, unequal profit distribution, so we decided to change them.

1. Any contribution to INSEE ecosystem can be quantified and rewarded.
2. Individuals can opt in/out of visual content crowdfunding and crowd-creation.
3. Advertisers should pay directly to consumers who watch their commercial, instead of paying the distribution platform.
4. High-quality contents need a platform to shine and profit.
5. Attention is an asset and all visual contents can be monetized.
The INSEE protocol will reconstruct the value network of visual content production, dissemination, consumption, and evolution at the bottom level, which will completely substitute the traditionally inefficient top-down process and help creators, and potential consumers to participate in the process of visual content production. 

INSEE enables visual content developers to dynamically clear content values through the blockchain value network while producing visual content through the INSEE protocol, thereby protecting the rights of each participating node. At the same time, you can also interpret the INSEE protocol as a visual content production operating system which will also evolve together with the visual content paradigm, to help facilitate the production of the most innovative and high-quality contents.
We have already done the underlying infrustructure development. INSEE Wallet and the live streaming DApp have also lauched for close beta test. Please stay tuned, more DApps are coming soon!

1. World’s first project to use HT for fundraising. INSEE is an active participant and partner of Huobi ecosystem.
2. Backed by a group of experienced miners.
3. Best combination of resources both in tech, operating and marketing.
4. Endorsed by moguls in the entertainment industry.

Users can invest in IP crowdfunding and share the dividends when the content is created and get rewards based on the time and as they watch. They can also join the comment evaluation system to incubate more high-quality contents.
Content Providers can share all revenues with users without any middlemen or centralized institution in a transparent manner. INSEE can accelerate their projects’ incubation and fundraising, help them to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The crowd-creation mechanism will also lead to more efficient collaborative content output. The comment system can provide constructive feedback for them to upgrade.
Advertisers can realize a decentralized peer-to-peer advertisement distribution with the help of AI engine. Crowd-creation will fuel them with myriads of inspirations. They can also adjust their distribution strategy based on instant feedback. They can revolutionize that subvert the traditional advertising industry.
Developers can be funded and supported by INSEE VC and get technical guidance along with first-hand blockchain experience. They can also participate in the real landing application of the blockchain project and maximize the social impacts of the technology.

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